The newest title in the LINE GAME series “LINE Pakupaku Battle” has arrived. Touch the screen to match the animals with the food that falls from the sky in order to win this easy and entertaining game.
The gameplay is simple: Tap the animals so they catch and eat the falling food

Stop the animals waiting below from eating the foods they don’t like by switching them out before the offending foods reach their mouths. Match up the lion and other carnivorous beasts with the meat, and the elephant and other gentle herbivores with the falling fruits by tapping the animals on the screen to switch them. 
Destroy the spicy-looking peppers and jars of poison that fall from the sky by tapping them in mid-flight. You can earn bonus points by bursting balloons with your finger and feeding the contents to the animals waiting below. You will also rack up combos as you continue to give the hungry beasts the foods they adore. Get a certain number of combos to trigger Fever Time and other special stages where stars and other massive score boosters rain down from the jungle canopy!

Upgrade your animals and team up with friends to reach the top!
Pakupaku Battle offers players the chance to team up with a LINE friend and choose an animal to create a carnivore-herbivore tag team. The abilities your friend’s animal possesses affect your score, adding an element of teamwork that makes the game even more enjoyable. The friend who let you borrow their animal also earns medals according to your final score, so everyone goes home a winner!
Medals are used as an in-game currency to upgrade your animals and summon new ones. Animals are ranked by rarity; the rarer the animal, the better the abilities it has. Rare animals also have special favorite foods that earn loads of points when eaten.
fe3dc571.pngPakuPaku Battle

Challenging new stages await you!
Items fall faster and the patterns in which they fall get more complicated as you progress through the game. The difficulty level of each stage gradually increases with obstacles such as clouds and fog that suddenly appear to obstruct your vision. Once you hone your skills and reach a certain score, you gain access to the more challenging Middle and Expert modes in addition to the Normal mode that all players start out on.

Team up with a friend and take your place on the throne as the new king of the jungle!

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