LINE Puzzle Bobble, the classic arcade bubble-popping puzzle game, is the latest addition to the LINE GAME series.

Bub and Bob have been magically turned into dinosaurs. Help them complete missions and clear puzzling stages in their quest to regain their humanity. 


Connect & Pop Bubbles
Shoot bubbles from the bottom of the screen. Create lines of 3 or more of the same color bubble and they will pop.

Missions appear at the start of each stage. Missions could be anything from popping all the bubbles in a limited number of shots, to getting a certain score in a set amount of time. Clear the mission to move on to the next stage.

Plan Your Strategy
You may have a limited number of shots, or there may be lots of unpoppable blocks in the way, so the game isn’t just a case of clearing the bubbles as fast as possible.

The most important tactic is to target bubbles at the bottom to cause a cascade that pops many bubbles at once. Also, bubbles tend to stick together easily, so don’t try squeezing them through small gaps. It’s much better to bounce them off the walls so they don’t get stuck. 

I Know that Person! 
Log in through LINE and see your friends’ heads appear in bubbles. Pop them before they fall for a nice surprise


Beat your friends to clear stages, or focus on perfecting each stage, the way you play LINE Puzzle Bobble is up to you!


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