In the newest LINE game, LINE RunRun Hero, barrel your way through a pixelated world while mowing down enemies on your quest to save the princess from the evil warlock.


Simple Gameplay – Swipe the screen and move forward
Move your character up and down to switch between five different paths while defeating or dodging enemies and collecting coins and treasure chests.

The screen turns red when you’re running out of HP. Collect Hearts to heal yourself.  
If you run into the fearsome Death or the angry Dragon, it’ll be game over. When the “Danger” sign appears on-screen, change lanes to avoid these powerful enemies.
Find the bosses’ weak points and attack
Each stage has an end boss. Find their weak points and bring them down to get treasure chests and heaps of points. 

Tons of RPG elements
Relive the old days of classic RPGs by buying equipment, leveling up your character, and calling upon warriors and magic-users to join your party.
You can also ask your friends for aid with the Cooperative Battle Mode system. Help out your friends and enjoy the adventure together!

Romp through this nostalgic pixelated adventure and save the princess from the evil warlock!


LINE RunRun Hero (Free download)
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