LINE Get Rich joins the robust LINE GAME family. Travel to all kinds of exotic locales around the globe investing in real estate and compete for the most riches in this exciting board game. Up to 4 people can compete simultaneously, so you can battle it out or cooperate with your LINE friends and family.

How to Play – Just Roll the Dice and Scoop Up as Much Prime Real Estate as You Can!
Roll the dice and buy the deeds to the spaces (cities) you land on and construct buildings to invest in your real estate. If another player lands on a city you own then they’ll have to pay tolls. Construct lots of buildings and watch your capital grow!

Use Marbles, the in-game currency, to buy out other players’ properties and build landmarks on your cities that prevent others from buying out your properties.

Get a Monopoly on Specific Spaces and Win in One Fell Swoop!
The ranking is decided after a set time limit and determined by each player’s total capital. However, the outcome of the game will also be decided if all opposing players become bankrupt or if any player achieves monopoly victory. Different monopoly effects are shown below.

Color Monopoly: If a player controls all spaces of the same color and also has buildings constructed on them, their tolls will be doubled.
Triple Monopoly: A player will win if they achieve three color monopolies (triple monopoly) and their monopoly bonus increases by 200%.
Line Monopoly: A player will win if they control all the spaces in the same line and their monopoly bonus increases by 300%.
Tourism Monopoly: A player will win if they control all the tourism locations (aqua and pink spaces) and their monopoly bonus increases by 500%

Level Up Your Dice and Cards for Better Chances at Victory!
Cards you can obtain in-game can be used as player characters and each one has special abilities that will give you advantages. You can level up and combine cards to customize them to your own strategies. 

Dice can be leveled up as well, and by using higher grade dice you can more easily control the numbers that show up during a roll.
Choose up to 4 different classes of games with different rewards and gather your LINE friends or in-game buddies for free-for-all battles and 2-on-2 matches. Don’t worry, you can play single player as well!

Pick your mode and begin your journey to real estate super stardom!
Invite your LINE friends to get Gold and premium cards depending on how many you invite. Get to level 5 and you’ll even get Gems and an A class Cony card! All kinds of fabulous rewards are waiting for you.

Have fun with LINE Get Rich!