Introducing LINE Moments, a new social video app.

LINE Moments lets you capture a snapshot moment in living video. 
Choose from time filters such as Loop, Reverse, Slow, and Fast to transform your videos into something new. 

Discover new moments to capture and share. 

Plenty of editing features
Perfect your moments with handy editing features. Shoot and edit with just a few swipes. Create a video snapshot of up to 10 seconds with various time filters such as Slow, Fast, Loop, and Reverse. 

Pump up your videos with filters
Moments comes loaded with an arsenal of filters to take your videos to new heights. 

Color filters like Shiny and Moonlight let you adjust the color tone of your moments, Twins adds a mirror image effect to your videos, while Sketch will give your videos a hand-drawn feel. 

Share your videos on LINE Moments
Share your videos within LINE Moments and follow your favorite moment-makers.

Follow the people who share your way of seeing things!


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Turn your memories into stickers. 

Starting today on October 6, sticker creation has gotten easier than ever. We've modified the creators' sticker guidelines to allow the sale of sticker sets as small as 8 stickers.

Previously, the required number of stickers was 40 for static stickers and 24 for animated stickers. Both sticker types can now be sold in sets as small as 8.

Not only that, but creators can now make stickers from photos. You no longer have to draw to be a creator. Just edit your favorite photos to create your own original stickers.
Changes to the Sticker Review Guidelines (October 6, 2016)
・ Creators can now select the number of stickers in their sets, starting from 8 stickers.
・ Creators can now use photos in their stickers.
 Note: The minimum sales price is still fixed at JPY 120.
Create stickers from shared memories with friends and loved ones for the perfect gift. 

Now's the time to try your hand at sticker creation!
Using Creators Market
Sticker Creation Guidelines (Updated October 6)

Let's go over some of the changes for experienced creators.

Number of stickers in a set can be selected from a minimum of 8.
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LINE introduces its new makeup camera app, LOOKS. The app offers natural and realistic makeup filters for a professional-looking makeover.

You can also use LOOKS to try out real cosmetic items firsthand. LOOKS is your own personal makeup artist when searching for that perfect makeup style.

From cute to cool: Try out the latest makeup trends from a plethora of filters
Over 30 makeup filters to choose from right from the start.

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With today's version 6.6.0 release of LINE for Android, users can now set videos as their profile images!
*Now, LINE for iPhone also supports video profile. (Edit:29th August.)

The new version will also introduce LINE Out Free, allowing users to make phone calls for free after watching a short video, as well as the ability to upload up to five minutes of video of any size to chats.

Update to the latest version of LINE now!

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Starting today, chats on LINE that have Letter Sealing (end-to-end encryption) enabled will now feature a padlock icon next to the chat's name. The changes may take a few days to come into effect.

Messages sent between users who have Letter Sealing enabled are stored on LINE's servers in an encrypted state and cannot be decrypted by anyone other than the users involved in the chat.

From its inception, LINE has maintained a strong commitment to protecting users' communication over LINE in compliance with applicable laws, with all data between users' devices and LINE's servers being encrypted. On September 8, 2015, LINE took that commitment one step further by introducing state-of-the-art, end-to-end encryption to 1-on-1 chats, followed by a rollout to group chats, voice calls, and video calls.

Now, in LINE 6.5.0, we've added a padlock icon to Letter Sealing-enabled chats.


How to use Letter Sealing
Letter Sealing is enabled by default.
We recommend that you keep Letter Sealing enabled at all times, but if you would like to disable it, please perform the following steps on the smartphone version of LINE.

1. Tap More (the "..." icon) > Settings (the gear icon) > Chats & Voice Calls.
2. Tap Letter Sealing.

Please note that the first time you attempt to send a message on the PC version of LINE with Letter Sealing enabled, you will be required to verify your LINE account via your smartphone as an initial security measure.

LINE will continue to take every measure possible to protect your privacy and strengthen the security of the LINE app.

On July 14, LINE went public on the New York Stock Exchange.

To celebrate the occasion, we wanted to bring along the LINE community for the trip and sent Brown on a mission to carry the thoughts and feelings of LINE users to the Big Apple, from a list of messages submitted by users around the world.

From over hundreds submissions, we picked out 32 messages to send to New York.

The messages would go up in no other place than at "The Crossroads of the World" – Times Square. 

So did Brown successfully accomplish his mission? Find out in the photos below!


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Have something you've been meaning to say, but couldn't find the right time or place to say it? 

On July 14, LINE Corporation is going public on the New York Stock Exchange.

To celebrate, LINE will be hosting a ceremony at Times Square, featuring appearances by Brown and Cony as well as plenty of LINE's iconic green to decorate the town.

As part of the celebration, we're offering a voice on Times Square's most iconic building to LINE users everywhere!

The messages of approximately 20 users will be chosen from a pool of submissions and broadcast on the world's most famous billboards.

Messages will be broadcast on the highest screen of the building visible in the center as well as on the surrounding screens.

Let that special someone know how much you care about them by sending them an unforgettable message from the most famous screens in the world! 

Your intended recipient won't have to go all the way to New York to see your message, as images of your billboard will reach them in the following days.

Brown will take it upon himself to carry your messages safely to Times Square, so be sure to participate if you're a Brown fan! 
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As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing privacy and security for our users, we are pleased to announce that from July, LINE is introducing “Letter Sealing (End-to-end Encryption)” as a default feature.

Since Letter Sealing encryption is available for all LINE users, those who have been using Hidden Chat can now enjoy the same peace of mind and sense of security from LINE’s main 1:1 chats without having to create separate Hidden Chat rooms. As such, from tomorrow, we will no longer support the Hidden Chat feature. 

Please make sure that you update to the latest iOS and Android version for the newest and best functionalities from

LINE will continue to take every measure possible to protect your privacy and strengthen the security of its app to ensure you have the best experience possible.

In case you have any questions or require technical assistance, please contact LINE Customer Support at

With today's release of version 6.4.0 of LINE for iOS, users can now back up their chat history on iCloud. This update means that you will now be able to preserve your previous chat history after changing to a new iPhone.

The update also introduces a new pinning feature! Pinning chats allows them to always appear at the top of your chat list for easy access.

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