Gathering all your friends for a fun get-together is now simpler than ever with LINE.

We're proud to announce the addition of LINE's new feature, Events, to your chats. You can now create a calendar in each of your chats to share events with friends. 

Now all your upcoming fun times with friends can be seen and managed in one convenient location!

The Events feature is simple to use. 

To start, just tap on Events in your chat's "V" menu.

You can then go ahead and make your own event—set the start and end times, keep track of attendees with a RSVP request, and add reminders to let people know when that special event is about to begin. 

You can select from reminders starting one hour all the way to one week before the event begins. 

Once you've made your event, it will be posted into the chat. 

Each event has its own page where you can check attendees and the event's time. It can also be easily synchronized with your device's calendar! 

Events don't just have to be for playtime either. Use them to keep track of group members' birthdays or your anniversary with that special someone.

Start scheduling your own events with friends and family today!

We're excited to introduce two new helpful features in the latest version of LINE: Ladder Shuffle and Relay. 

In the past we've added features like LINE Schedule and group video calls to help you close the distance when talking with friends and family. Now with ladder shuffles and relay posts, it's even easier to sync up with those important to you! 

Read on to find out what ladder shuffles and relay posts are all about. 

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There's a whole lot of fun new features to enjoy with LINE 7.3.0 on iPhone and Android! Add a personal touch by drawing on photos and make fun stop-motion animations right in-app*.
*iPhone only

We've also made some convenient updates like getting notifications whenever you're mentioned in a chat, even if you've muted all other notifications.
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On May 11, some iPhone-only features were made available on LINE 7.4.0 on Android. 
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With LINE 7.2.0, it is now easy to discover which friends have updated their profiles in the last 24 hours. And that’s just one of several new features in the latest version of the LINE mobile messenger app!

In addition, for iOS users, LINE 7.2.0 has added in-app video editing you can use before sending videos.

Update to the latest version of LINE now!
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Hi there, LINE users! We have an important announcement to share regarding the discontinuation of service on certain platforms.

On July 3, 2017 (GMT+9), service for the LINE app will be discontinued on:

• BlackBerry
• Firefox OS
• Nokia Asha

Furthermore, we will no longer support downloads through the Windows 8 App Store.
It will also not be possible to create new accounts on these platforms starting April 27.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you wish to transfer your LINE account to Android, iOS, or another supported platform, make sure to complete the process before July 3, 2017 (GMT+9).

For more information, click here.

Email address registration:
For BlackBerry/NokiaAsha users, click here.
For Firefox OS, click here.

For Windows Phone users, we recommend using the current app store, Windows Store, which can be accessed here.

All of us at LINE are committed to making a better and more convenient service. Thank you again for using LINE!

With LINE 7.1.0, you can now mention specific friends while in group chats to make sure they get your message. Plus, we've added more cool new features, including support for 360-degree photos!

For iOS users, we've also made some nifty additions you'll be seeing for the first time, such as being able to send photos and videos directly from the "+" menu in your chats.

The iPhone version of LINE 7.1.0 was released on February 22, 2017.

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