We have introduced an official account which translates your chat messages instantly within the chat-room from Spanish⇔ English! 

This official account will translate both English into Spanish and Spanish into English! By simply typing a message to the “ENG-ESP translator” it will instantly auto-translate your message for you and send this to you as a reply. 
Of course, that’s not all! If you speak English but want to speak to Spanish friends or vice versa, you can add this ENG-ESP translator to your chat-room and it will translate both you and your friend’s messages. You can use this function in group chats also. Simply add this ENG-ESP translator account into your usual chat-room and start chatting as you normally would. Our translation account will take care of the rest!


How to use the “ENG-ESP translator”
1. Start LINE and tap [More] > [Official Accounts], scroll down to [News/Tools] and add the [ENG-ESP translator] as a friend.
2. If you want to translate something, tap [ENG-ESP translator] on your Friends list and tap [Chat]. Once in the chat-room, you can type the message you want to get translated. 
3. If you want the [ENG-ESP translator] to translate chat-messages between you and your friends, please select [Add Friends] from the chat-room menu and add the [ENG-ESP translator] to your chat.  You can also invite the [ENG-ESP translator] to your groups in the usual way. 

And that’s it! 

At LINE we are dedicated to breaking down language barriers to allow communication to happen as it should! 
LINE can be used anywhere around the world and to cater to the rising number of users in the South American and Spanish speaking regions we have created this new translator account. 

Don’t let the language barrier stop you! 

¡Diviértete la! (Have fun!)

Popular game “HomeRun Battle” has been awarded a number of game awards for being quite simply, a great game! 
Now the simplified version is here on LINE – “LINE HomeRun Battle” and so let the fun begin!

How to Play:
Simple! Timing is the key. Hit the ball thrown by the pitcher by tapping the screen in time with the ball and get your home-runs! The more home-runs you get and the more you get in a row, the higher your score will be! 
Keep getting home-runs to enter BURST Mode! This is your chance to really maximize your score!
Use your strength, striking force and dynamic vision to keep getting those home-runs.

So who is going to be the Home-Run King?! Battle your LINE friends and find out now! 

babca8d8.pngDownload LINE HomeRun Battle Burst (free) here:

Another game to be released from the LINE gaming app this time includes “LINE cartoon wars” – a classic defense game which has been hugely popular, with the original Cartoon Wars game receiving over 100 million downloads worldwide! LINE users can also receive special stickers absolutely free when downloading this special LINE version of the game.

LINE cartoon wars sticker

The Black and White cartoon tribe: these stick-men have stood up for freedom from being ruled by the color tribes. “LINE cartoon wars” puts you in the center of the action and lets you become the hero! Protect your castle while attacking the enemies’! This is a great tower defense game which will definitely keep you occupied!  

How to Play: 
1. Gather soldiers with a range of skills and attack the enemies’ castle
2. Fire arrows from the top of your caste and prevent your enemies from advancing.
3. Tilt your smatphone to scroll though the screen. 
LINE cartoon wars

As you advance through the stages your enemies will get tougher to beat. Make sure your castle doesn’t get attacked by upgrading your allies and making them the strongest war machines! 

Never played a defense game? “LINE cartoon wars” is the perfect game for both beginners and experts alike! 

Give it a go! You only have a castle to lose! ;) 

4909e5a4.png Download LINE cartoon wars (free) here:
 Google Play :  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.naver.SJLGCWARS

The 2nd gaming app released by LINE, “LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL” is a new kind of target-practicing puzzle game. A unique and exhilarating story where you have to, “stop the animals from escaping their picture book world by throwing vegetables at them.” 
You can also treat yourself to some free stickers by downloading the app!


How to Play:
Touch the animals to throw vegetables at them! Tilt your smartphone, adjust the trajectory and fire your vegetables! You can get a chain of animals by firing into a pack of them. When the heat gets too much, you can use the lightning bolts to clear many of them at once!
593a7da1.jpg  4a33f9c6.jpg

2 modes of play, both as great as the other: You can go through the 72 magical levels filled with surprises or you can play the Challenge Mode where you can see who gets the highest scores amongst your LINE friends! 

Enjoy this fantasy world, full of weird and wonderful creatures! 

38a264e6.jpgDownload LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL (free) here:

The first wave of new games released on the LINE gaming app features LINE POP!
How do you play? It’s easy! Simply line up 3 or more of the same icons (blocks) to make them disappear.
You have 1 minute to set your high scores.

Quick Hints and Tips:
- The more blocks you get rid of in one go, the higher your score will be. Try lining up 4 or 5 and let the fun begin.
- Get 5 or more combos to enter Fever Mode! This is when things start heating up! Keep deleting those blocks!
- Look out for the Hyper blocks! Fill your Combo Gauge up to full to these specials. You can delete many blocks at once. Yippee!
3bbc72e3.png 37740771.png

 The fun doesn’t stop there either! The blocks in LINE POP feature all our favorite LINE characters such as Brown, Moon, and Cony who will come up on your screen briefly to say hello once you get those combos! The usual funny faces and other expressions are all included! 
Also, Brown is really excited about this game and will be there to support you every step of the way. 
Link this game up with your LINE account and you can compete for high scores, as well as giving and receiving hearts and other gifts from friends to help you get even higher scores! Once you run out of hearts, it’s probably better to ask your most generous friend to top you up!

It may be a cute game but the battle for the highest scores will get serious! Play with all your friends and have fun. 
At the end of the day, it’s only a game! Right? ;)

LINE’s official gaming app has released 4 new titles to bring your gaming world to life!
After the first release of “LINE Birzzle” earlier this year in July, we have focused on making it even more fun for you to enjoy the games with your LINE friends.

Get some free stickers too! All LINE users who download these new games can get free stickers to use in their LINE chats! Aren’t we generous?! 
And the games are great too! There’s something for everyone - puzzle games featuring the awesome LINE characters, as well as hardcore card-battle RPGs. Try them all and find the best one for you! (Maybe all of them)

LINE POPSimple is the best! Line up 3 or more of the same blocks while watching Brown, Moon and Cony who are featured within this addictive game. For more details on how to play, click here
iphone_btn  android_btn

Availability: Worldwide

▼Get these awesome free stickers when you download LINE POP! (total 8 stickers)
*Available from 12pm (JST) on 19 Nov 
(iOS Users HURRY – only available until 4pm (JST) on 22 Nov 30 Nov)

■LINE cartoon wars 
LINE Cartoon WarsSuper popular action game “Cartoon Wars” comes to LINE! It’s been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide and is guaranteed to give you a lot of fun! Control the stick-men (soldiers) and protect your castle while conquering the opponent’s in this classic Tower Defense Game!  

 Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Vietnam, Macau

▼Free stickers for downloading LINE cartoon wars! (total 24 stickers)
*Available from 12pm (JST) on 19 Nov 
(iOS Users HURRY – only available until 4pm (JST) on 22 Nov 30 Nov)

LINE PATAPOKO ANIMALYou gotta play to believe! In “LINE PATAPOKO ANIMAL” you have to hit animals with vegetables to stop them from escaping their world of picture-books. What? That’s right! There are 2 modes of play. You can go through 72 highly entertaining stages of the game or you can enjoy with friends by competing for the highest scores in Challenge Mode.  

Availability: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Vietnam, Macau

▼Download and get these PATAPOKO stickers! (total 24 stickers) 
 *Available from 12pm (JST) on 19 Nov 
(iOS Users HURRY – only available until 4pm (JST) on 22 Nov 30 Nov)

■LINE Homerun Battle Burst 
LINE Homerun Battle BurstWow! Ever wanted to hit homeruns? Well now you can with “LINE Homerun Battle Burst! Have a blast and relieve some tension by hitting those homeruns! It’s amazing! Anyone can play this wonderful game. 
Availability: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand

These fantastic gaming apps from LINE give you the opportunity to have so much more fun with your games! Simply link these gaming apps to your LINE account and send your LINE friends items, compete for the highest score rankings, and of course, you can send messages to friends to let them know you have beaten their highest scores! How is that for ultimate satisfaction?! 

We hope you have an amazing time playing these games with your LINE friends! 


LINE User Numbers Reach 75 Million Worldwide! 
No.1 at many App Stores thanks to Huge Growth in Spain and South America

Our user numbers have reached the 75 million* mark as of today (16 November).
*totals for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and feature-phone users combined.


Also, in these last few weeks we have had a huge surge in user numbers from both Spain and South American regions, leading to LINE claiming the number 1 spot in both the Free Apps and Social Networking categories at App Stores in many countries.
(As of 14 November 2012)       

LINE has received much positive attention from both Spanish media and famous bloggers. Whether it’s the free messaging, the free calls, the convenience of the PC version, or the stickers, LINE continues to be highly rated as a stable, all-in-one app with easy to use features. LINE camera and other LINE related apps have also been praised for being super-fun.

▼Spanish Media & Blogs featuring LINE

Breaking through all the language and cultural barriers!

LINE is currently used in over 230 countries. This made-in-Japan service is popular in other areas too: in South-East Asian regions such as Taiwan, and Thailand, Middle-Eastern regions, Russia, and of course Spain and South America. 

So what next? We will continue to learn and improve our services so that you can have more fun with LINE! Whether you’re in Spanish speaking regions or English speaking areas, we will always be there to bring more life into your smartphone communications.

We are excited to announce the official launch of International Superstar Snoop Dogg’s LINE Official Account. 

Snoop Dogg has joined the LINE platform to encourage his millions of fans from around the world to connect and chat directly with him through his account. 

Over the next several months, stay tuned to Snoop’s official LINE account for special messages and pictures that he wants to share with his fans all over the world. 

He is also planning some exclusive campaigns for the users staying in the United States. 
Follow Snoop Dogg on LINE now to Express More with your favorite artist! (LINE ID: #snoopdogg)

Welcome to tha official world of the bo$$ !!

We at the NHN Japan Corporation would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to each and every one of our customers.

As you may know, we operate and own the free calling and messaging application “LINE”, and yesterday (31 Oct 2012)  we experienced some technical problems with the PC version of LINE leading to some of our users receiving random messages from unknown users during their chats due to a crossover of chat messages.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the anxiety and inconvenience this has caused to our users.

In order to carry out the necessary revisions to our system, there were moments when the PC version of LINE was made temporarily unavailable, however the problems have been rectified and the PC version is now up and running as normal.

At NHN Japan, we are taking this occurrence very seriously and will continue to work hard in order to prevent this from happening again.

Further Information

On 31 October 2012, problems with the PC version of LINE led to the following:

1) For approx. 5 minute period from 18:55 (JST) on the 31 October 2012, some users of the PC version of LINE received random messages from unknown users during their chats due to a crossover of chat messages. 

Problems were caused by a technical fault with the system running the PC version, whilst attempting to update. 
As soon as the problem was detected, it was immediately dealt with and has already been fixed.

Extent of the problem:
We have confirmed that the problem affected 86 users  in total who sent messages using the PC version of LINE which were subsequently delivered incorrectly to unintended users. Furthermore, we have received inquiries from 12 users so far regarding this problem.

31/Oct (Wed)
18:55   PC version of LINE: Systems are updated
      Problems are detected where some users of the PC version receive random messages from unknown users during their chats due to a crossover of chat messages
     Works gets underway on fixing the problem
19:00  Problem is rectified
19:15  PC users who received the incorrect messages are forcefully logged out in order to prevent these messages from being read 
19:25 Log out process is completed. An investigation into the causes and the extent of the problem begins
20:50  Primary announcement made to users via the official LINE Facebook page
21:49  Secondary announcement made to users via the LINE Official Blog

1/Nov (Thu)  
19:00  Investigation into the causes and the extent of the problem is completed
21:00  Official statement released by NHN Japan Corporation
            Furthermore, the regulatory agencies have been notified
Customer Support:
After the start of the problem, a fixed version of the software was released immediately. After logging in again, the problem was rectified and users did not receive any further messages from unknown users. The message histories of the users affected were able to be accessed as normal. 

Furthermore, our support teams are individually contacting all the users affected by the problem. As a small consolation, we are sending a 500 yen Amazon gift voucher to each of those affected.

Measures for future prevention:
To prevent the problem from re-occurring, we have introduced stricter regulations and checks by our development, quality assurance and security teams to improve the overall security to all our company systems.

Contact Customer Support:
If you have been affected,  you can get in touch with our customer support team via the Problem Report Form , and they will provide a rapid response to your inquiry. 

LINE Customer Support (Problem Report Form)

 At approximately 7pm (JST) on 31 October there were some problems with the PC version of LINE. Some users may have experienced random messages from unknown users during their chats caused by temporary system problems which occurred for a few minutes. We have rushed to fix this and the problems have now been rectified. 

 In addition to fixing the problem, we have also deleted the contents of the messages sent from unknown users and you should be able to login an enjoy the PC version of LINE without any further problems. 

 Furthermore, those who were forcefully logged out of the PC version of LINE during the problem will be able to login as normal. 

 If you were affected please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused on this occasion.

 We will of course, keep working hard on improving the stability of our systems. 

 Thank you very much for reading and please continue to enjoy our LINE service. 

 We will be releasing a formal statement about this issue at a later date. 
Formal statement