Exciting news for all you Nokia fans! 
We have teamed up with Nokia to make LINE available on Nokia’s reasonably priced “Asha” devices soon in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

The release is scheduled for March and this version of LINE will include the popular 1 to 1 chat feature as well as 4 types of sticker sets (Moon, Cony, brown and James).

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We will make another announcement when the service is officially released!

Thanks for reading! 

We are very excited to announce the release of the English version of LINE’s official avatar community service, “LINE Play” today!

LINE Play allows you to design your own avatar character and explore the LINE Play world. You can visit other avatars’ rooms and chat together with users from all over the globe. 
Anyone who is a LINE user can create their very own avatar and start enjoying the game instantly. 

Download links are as follows:

Let’s create an avatar!
LINE Play allows you to create your own original avatar which you can then use as an alter-ego in the LINE Play world. Express your creativity by choosing from a wide range of eye shapes, skin colors, hair styles and facial shapes too. You can even style them up the way you want with many genres of fashion for you to use as you wish! 
b0c56664.png 0bc8a5f6.png

Decorate your room!
Enter your room on LINE Play (“My Room”) and do some interior design by buying new furniture! That’s not all! You can even buy food, wallpaper, window frames and plants to add to the styling. These can all be purchased from the Shop using “Gems” – LINE Play's virtual currency, which you can get by doing various tasks within the game. Simply tap the balloon above your avatars head (or your friend’s), which illustrates how your avatar is feeling to get these Gems. You can also give your friends “Hearts” once a day, as well as eating and cleaning to get more Gems. You can check how rich you are in the game at any time by checking the top-right of the screen.
8fb558e3.png da21328a.png

Connect with your LINE friends!
You can check your list of friends by tapping “Friends”. At “Friends Requests”, your LINE friends who are already on LINE Play will be shown under “Friend Recommendations”. You can also configure your settings to prevent you from being displayed in the search results if you wish to do so. 

Need inspiration to decorate your room? Well, there is also a Random Visit feature where you can visit random rooms of other avatars, even if you are not friends with them! Of course if you do not wish to be visited by random users, you can configure this in the settings menu also.
 LINE Play

Chat with friends!
Yes! LINE Play lets you chat with friends too. You can chat in similar ways as you would with LINE but there is also a new feature called Action Stickers which you can use to make your avatar do funny things – like making it rain in the chat-room etc. Try it now! 
ab455ba1.png fbfb9dc7.png

Chat about the things that interest you!
The Lounge is a place that brings all the LINE Play avatars together to chat about anything and everything. Simply choose a lounge that suits you and chat about the topics you want with other users. There are various categories for you to choose from such as TV, sports, music and much more. You’re guaranteed to find one which is perfect for you!

It’s Diary time!
Write your everyday thoughts and feeling as well as posting pictures. Other users can leave comments and communicate with you using LINE’s famous stickers! 

We hope you enjoy this new, alternate smartphone world - Play together with your LINE friends and keep your friends even closer! 

As a token of our appreciation to all our users, and to celebrate reaching the 100 million user mark, we have decided to give you the following!

★FREE LINE Character Stickers! (For a limited time only!)★

We are giving away 1 of the following sticker sets each day, starting with Moon Special Edition!

▼Gift Period
18 January (Fri) ~ 22 January (Tue)

▼Gift Details and Times Available:
(All times are shown in Japan Standard Time: JST)
・1st Free Sticker Set: Moon Special Edition: From 15:00 on 18 Jan (Fri) ~ 0:00 on 20 Jan (Sun)
・2nd Free Sticker Set: Cony Special Edition: From 0:00 on 20 Jan (Sun) ~ 0:00 on 21 Jan (Mon)
・3rd Free Sticker Set: Brown Special Edition: From 0:00 on 21 Jan (Mon) ~ 0:00 on 22 Jan (Tue)

▼How to get your free stickers:
1. Start LINE and tap More > Sticker Shop and open the EVENT tab.
2. Select the free stickers which you want to download from the list and tap Download 
*only available for those using iPhone/Android smartphones. 

We hope you have fun using these stickers!



A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our users! As of today we have reached 100 million* users around the globe!

Each and every one of you have contributed to making LINE what it is today. By giving us your detailed thoughts and feedback, likes and dislikes as well as new ideas, we feel we have worked together with you to reach this impressive result. 


Updated Figures and Received Awards

▼Figures regarding LINE
Registered User Numbers: 100 million worldwide
Used in 231 countries/regions
Ranked No.1 in 41   App Store locations worldwide
Ranking of popular stickers:
▼Awards Received
  • iTunes BEST OF 2012: No.1 in Top Free category (Japan) 
  • iF DESIGN AWARDS 2013: Cross-Media Advertising Award 
  • 2012 Shogakukan Dime Trend Award
  • The 17th AMD Award: Digital Contents of the Year ‘11 
  • Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun: Nikkei Superior Products Service Award 2012 
  • Nikkei MJ Hit Products 2012 
  • Nikkei Trendy: Hit Products of 2012: No.2 out of 30
  • Top Worldwide in Non-Game Apps by Monthly Revenues for iOS/Google Play (November 2012) 
  • elEconomista: Nominated for Best Technology Award 2012 (Spain) 
  • EL PAIS: Nominated for Best Trend of 2012 (Spain) 

100 million users in a year and 7 months – We see this as just the start-point of our LINE app.

Nothing will make us happier than for you, our users, to keep enjoying our app and help us develop it together. 

We hope you keep enjoying your chats with LINE!

Thanks for reading and have fun!

Additional notes regarding this blog entry

*Total download figures are for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry App, Windows Phones and Feature Phones combined.
Source: NHN Japan Corporation

The new version of LINE for iPhone released today (ver.3.4.0) has the feature we have all been waiting ages for!
Yes! In addition to the usual improvements, with this new feature you can now send sticker gifts to friends.

Sending and receiving sticker gifts
As some of you may know, the Android version of LINE  has had this feature for some time. But now iPhone users can join in the fun and send stickers as gifts to friends and family.

You can send gifts on the iPhone version of LINE by purchasing Coins. You can keep a record of what stickers you have sent and received by going to More > Settings > Stickers > Gift Box.
*Coins can ONLY be used for sending stickers as gifts and cannot be used for purchasing stickers for your own use. 
*When switching devices, please note that Coins cannot be carried over if switching to a device with a different OS (e.g. iOS to Android).

▼How to send a sticker gift
1. Tap More > Sticker Shop
2. Select the stickers you would like to send as a gift
3. Tap Send as a Gift 
4. Select who to send the gift to
5. Tap the Gift Character you wish to use. This will be sent to the chat-room to notify your friend of the gift. 
▼To buy Coins
1. Tap More > Settings > Coins (for gifts) 
2. Tap Charge on the top right 
3. Select the amount of Coins you wish to buy 
*Please note that bonus Coins are included in the total shown. 

▼How to receive your gifts
1. When you receive a message in the chat-room notifying you of the gift, tap See it! and download the stickers.
Sticker Gifts: The perfect way of expressing thanks! You can also use it to say “Merry Christmas” or as a New Year surprise! The choice is yours!

Improvements to LINE’s Notification Settings
You can now choose whether or not to receive notifications from linked apps (such as games etc.) 
These notifications include invitations and notices of new gifts etc. 

You can change the settings as follows:

1. Tap More > Settings > Notifications > Additional Services and choose the app you wish to change the notification settings for. 
2. Select the appropriate settings for Receive Messages and Receive Notifications by switching them ON/OFF.

If you switch Receive Messages to the OFF position, you will not receive any messages from that app on your LINE account.
If you switch Receive Notifications to the OFF position, the messages will be sent to the LINE chat-room, however you will not be notified of such messages.


We’ve also made other improvements, such as adding a Report function  for reporting spammers, as well as increasing language support (Spanish). We have also made a winter version of our LINE icon. We hope you enjoy these new features wherever you may be!

Of course, we will continue to improve our services and will always do our very best to cater to your feedback. 

Thanks for reading and have fun sending those gifts! 

If you are tired of receiving unpleasant messages or spam while chatting to users you have not added as friends, you can now simply press the Report button in the chat-room to send us a report. This new feature is available on the iPhone version of LINE which was released earlier today (Ver.3.4.0).

▼How to send a report
1. You receive a message from a LINE user who is not a friend
*If you have already added the user to your Friends list, you cannot use the Report function. Please use the Block function instead. 
2. Tap Report and select why you have sent us a report from any of the 4 options. 
*Once you send us a report, the staff here at LINE will look into the account you have reported to check for spamming etc. In order to allow the LINE team to do this, the last 100 messages from that user, as well as the user’s details will be sent to us. 
3. Tap Agree and Send. You will then be given an option to block the user. 

And that’s it!

At LINE we are dedicated to providing you with a safe and enjoyable environment for all your communication needs! We hope you will make full use of this new function!

Yes, we know you have all been waiting for this!

We have just made the Free Voice Calls feature available on the PC version of LINE.
You can start using it from today!

*Please update the PC version of LINE to 3.0.0 to enjoy voice calling.

*iPhone and Android users: Please update the LINE app on your smartphones to enjoy voice calls with those using LINE on their PCs. (Latest versions are: iPhone 3.3.0/Android 3.3.4). 
*BlackBerry users: If you would like to use the free voice call feature from the PC version of LINE, please update the LINE app on your BlackBerry to version 1.2.8. 

PC to PC / PC to Smartphone: The choice is yours! 
You can call your LINE friends from PC to PC as well as between PC and smartphones (iPhone/Android). If you receive a call while logged into the PC version of LINE, and also have your smartphone on you, you will receive incoming call notifications on both – Simply choose to answer from the PC or smartphone; whichever is more convenient for you! Call from the PC while at home, and call from your smartphone when on the move. 

Everyone can use free calls from the PC version!
Even though the voice call feature is not supported on Windows Phone and BlackBerry versions of LINE, WP and BB users can still use the PC version to enjoy free voice calls.

Send your favorite stickers while calling!
Yes! To make it even easier to convey your thoughts and feelings, you can send text, photos and stickers even while on a voice call. 

Ever found something hard to explain on the phone? Well now you can send photos or URLs of whatever you may be talking about! Or if your friend doesn’t have a microphone on their PC, they can still communicate with you while on the call by typing messages. 

▼How to make a call from the PC version of LINE 

To make a call:
1. Login to the PC version of LINE
2. Simply select the person you wish to call from the Chats or Friends list
3. Click the Free Call button
To receive a call:
1. Login to the PC version of LINE 
2. When there is an incoming call, you will be shown a calling screen
3. If you want to take the call, click Answer

We hope this new feature comes in handy to connect you to your loved ones, wherever they may be!
Remember, you can use the free call function from the PC version even if you use LINE on BlackBerry/Windows Phones – So try making that call!


If you require any assistance regarding the PC version of LINE, please see our Help page .

Sorry everyone! We have discovered that the function which allows you to add your Facebook friends to LINE has not been running correctly and have had to discontinue it. This function was released on versions 3.0.0 and higher for Android on 26 November and we stopped this function on 28 November at 3am (JST). 

We are currently discussing how to fix and improve the function with Facebook, as well as readying the function for the iOS version of LINE. 

Please rest assured that this only applies to the function to add your Facebook friends. So you can still register as a new user as well as carrying your account over with your Facebook account.

Also, any Facebook friends you may have added to LINE will remain on your friends list. 

Once we have any new information about this function, we will be posting it on here! 

Thanks for reading!


El evento “LINE Motivación al ejercicio” está patrocinado por LINE Corporation (de aquí en adelante, La Compañía), una empresa japonesa cuya base principal del negocio está en Shibuya Hikarie 27th FL., 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, 150,8510, Japón y en el cual rigen estas reglas oficiales. Por participar en este evento, cada participante acepta estas reglas, incluyendo todos los requerimientos de elegibilidad, y entiende que los resultados de este evento son definitivos en todo sentido. Este evento está sujeto a todas las reglas y regulaciones locales y no tiene validez en donde esté prohibido por la ley.
ELIGIBILIDAD: Los participantes deben tener conexión a Internet y a una cuenta de email para entrar en este evento. El evento está abierto a todos los usuarios de LINE. Todos los participantes deben ser mayores de 18 años para poder participar. No tendrá validez en donde esté restringido, impuesto o prohibido por la ley. La Compañía se reserva el derecho de verificar la elegibilidad de cada ganador.
PERIODO DEL EVENTO: Este evento estará abierto del 22 de Enero de 2014 a las 3:00pm, hasta el 01 de Febrero de 2014 a las 11:59pm
CÓMO APLICAR: Los participantes deben enviar un mensaje a la cuenta oficial de LINE Venezuela, mientras está encendida la función ON AIR, con una foto divertida y creativa de ellos mismos haciendo ejercicio.
INFORMACIÓN REQUERIDA: Los participantes deben proveer su LINE ID (identificación en LINE)
ANUNCIO DE FINALISTAS: Los finalistas serán anunciados el 29 de Enero de 2014 (fecha tentativa) a través de un mensaje de LINE al ID del usuario del cual se recibió la foto finalista y el usuario debe verificar que tiene más de 18 años y proveer una dirección de email
PROCESO DE SELECCIÓN Y PREMIO: 1 ganador recibirá gratis un teléfono Iphone 5S.

1. Proceso de selección: La compañía seleccionará 3 fotos finalistas que considere las más divertidas y creativas de todas las fotos recibidas. La Compañía debe subir en el “Timeline” de LINE Venezuela las 3 fotos; la foto que reciba más “me gusta” ganará el premio. El ganador está sujeto a que La Compañía verifique que su edad es más de 18 años.
2. Anuncio del ganador: el ganador será notificado por un mensaje de LINE a través de la aplicación LINE, al código de usuario (ID) que presentó, y se anunciará tentativamente el 03 de Febrero de 2014.
3. Como condición para recibir el premio, el ganador deberá firmar un formulario estándar de “renuncia a sus derechos de privacidad” sobre la información que ha entregado a la Compañía. Este formulario se enviará al ganador a la dirección de email que suministró en la verificación de finalistas. El premio solo se entregará cuando La Compañía reciba el formulario de “renuncia de derechos de privacidad” completo y firmado por el ganador, vía email o fax. La falta de este documento tal como lo exige La Compañía resultará en la descalificación del ganador. 
4. El ganador consiente que enviará una foto a La Compañía sosteniendo el premio recibido y que esta foto será luego compartida en la cuenta oficial de LINE Venezuela. 

RENUNCIA: Si la foto contiene algún material o elemento que no sea propio del participante y/o que sea objeto de derecho de un tercero, el participante es responsable de obtener la “renuncia a derechos de privacidad” y consentimientos necesarios para permitir la exhibición y uso de la foto, tal como se explica en estas Reglas Oficiales y sin compensación adicional. Cuando sea posible, los participantes deben obtener la renuncia de derechos de privacidad personal de todas las personas que aparezcan en la foto enviada, y autorización del uso de la foto a La Compañía para los propósitos de este evento. La falta de esta carta de renuncia y autorización puede resultar en la descalificación del ganador y la selección de un ganador alternativo.
LICENCIA: Cada participante tendrá los “derechos de autor” (copyright) de su foto y la descripción de la misma, pero explícitamente garantiza a La Compañía, sus licenciados, afiliados y autorizados (colectivos, la “autorización de las partes”) una irrevocable y no-exclusiva licencia por la duración del copyright de usar cada foto y descripción para los propósitos de este evento en cualquier medio, pero no limitado a blogs y websites, a la discreción de las partes autorizadas, sin una adicional consideración, notificación y permiso de los participantes o los terceros


1. Personas menores de 18 años no pueden participar en este evento.
2. Las personas que no estén de acuerdo con los términos y condiciones relacionados a este evento por el motivo que sea, serán descalificados. No habrá compensaciones en esos casos.

1. Los mensajes que estén fuera de las leyes y regulaciones, afecten el orden público y moralidad, sean abusivos o violen los derechos de propiedad intelectual de un tercero están prohibidos.
2. La Compañía no responderá ninguna duda sobre el proceso de selección e información del ganador.
3. Los gastos por uso de Data incurridos por participar en este evento serán por parte del usuario.
4. El premio no es transferible y no se puede cambiar por dinero en efectivo.


1. Por favor, antes de entrar en el evento, lea nuestra Política de Privacidad (http://terms.line.me/line_rules/?lang=XXXX)
2. La Compañía usará la información recibida por los usuarios sólo para este evento y para los siguientes propósitos:
a. Notificación de los finalistas.
b. Notificación de los ganadores.

La función ON AIR (AL AIRE) permite a las cuentas oficiales salir “al aire”, como las estaciones de radio, por tiempo determinado, durante el cual pueden recibir y leer los mensajes enviados por sus amigos. Cuando la cuenta esta “ON AIR” se indica con un ícono rojo que dice “ON” al lado del nombre de la cuenta, por lo que debes pensar si quieres que los dueños de la cuenta te escuchen.


El evento “LINE Motivación al ejercicio” está patrocinado por LINE Corporation (de aquí en adelante, La Compañía), una empresa japonesa cuya base principal del negocio está en Shibuya Hikarie 27th FL., 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, 150,8510, Japón y en el cual rigen estas reglas oficiales. Por participar en este evento, cada participante acepta estas reglas, incluyendo todos los requerimientos de elegibilidad, y entiende que los resultados de este evento son definitivos en todo sentido. Este evento está sujeto a todas las reglas y regulaciones locales y no tiene validez en donde esté prohibido por la ley.
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