We are proud to introduce LINE Free Coins, a brand new service that enables you to get free LINE Coins for installing apps recommended by LINE.

All you have to do is install and launch the apps listed on the LINE Free Coins page, and you will receive free LINE Coins that can be used to purchase paid-for stickers on LINE!

At the moment, three LINE-integrated apps, namely LINE Bubble!, LINE Dragon Flight and LINE I Love Coffee, are available through LINE Free Coins. More third-party apps selected and reviewed by the LINE team will be available in the future.
Also, please note that the service is currently only available for users registered in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan.

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We’ve released LINE version 3.7.0! Besides improvements to the basic messaging and call functions, we have also added a new Themes function so you can change the look and feel of your LINE interface!

Themes to give the app a brand new look
Introducing Themes – a brand new function that enables you to change the design of your friends list, chat rooms and menu buttons completely! To kick-start this new function, we are offering a lovely pink theme featuring our beloved character, Cony! More new themes will be coming soon, featuring our other popular characters and much more!
d09a5bbb.png 01e32ac5.jpg 881158d7.jpg
To change your Theme:
(1) Go to Settings > Themes in the LINE app
(2) Select a Theme from the list and tap Download
(3) Once the download completes, tap Apply to use it!

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We are proud to present LINE Neko Copter, a jumping action game brought to you by Square Enix!
It’s a brand new, super cute action game in which you control a cat ski jumper and help it jump as far as possible.


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Great news! We’ve performed a special update to items in LINE POP, the popular puzzle game featuring Brown! Also, look forward to a series of events we have in store for you next week!

New items to get you amazing scores

Introducing the Double Candy item
We’ve added a new Double Candy item to the pop-up items that appear randomly before each game! This item produces TWO Hyper Blocks when the Combo Gauge is full. Hyper Blocks can eliminate all the blocks in the same row and column it’s in!

Color Splash is now a Spin item!
Color Splash, Time Plus and Combination, previously only available as pop-up items, are now available through the Spin! You can see all the items you have and select which ones to use before each play.

Receive special edition stickers for completing Missions
LINE POP will receive a new Missions function starting May 20 (Mon). Complete all the missions to get special edition stickers featuring Brown!
Event date: May 20 (Mon) to Jun 4 (Tue)


Limited edition Six Mode item
A limited edition item, Six Mode, will be available from May 22 (Wed).
Lightning quick combos that’ll make you smile! 
Why? Cos only 6 types of Blocks will appear during the first 30 seconds of the game, instead of the usual 7 types! That makes it so much easier to achieve combos and get amazingly high scores!
Available from May 22 (Wed) to May 31 (Fri)

These new items and Missions have just made LINE POP even more exciting! We hope you are as excited as we are about the update!

As of 15:00 today, May 10, 2013, we regret to announce that we will be withdrawing the function to send purchased stickers as gifts to friends on the iPhone version of LINE. 

We received a request directly from Apple who operates the AppStore, that this sticker gifting function will have to be withdrawn from the app, and we do apologize for the disappointment this may cause to all of you who are having fun sending stickers as gifts to your friends. 

Functions withdrawn from the iPhone version of LINE:
・Gifting function of paid-for stickers to friends
Purchasing of Coins necessary to use the gifting function
*LINE Coins are required to purchase stickers and themes in LINE versions 4.6.0 and above. Additionally, you can no longer gift paid sticker sets to friends, even if you purchase them using LINE Coins. (Added September 1, 2014)

If you still have Coins remaining:
If you have over 100 Coins remaining, you will be able to continue sending stickers as gifts until you have used up all your Coins. If you only have 50 Coins remaining and cannot send stickers as gifts, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with additional Coins to cover the shortfall, as 100 Coins are the minimum amount required in order to enable you to send a single sticker set as a gift. 
*Coin balances for purchasing gifts became part of regular Coin balances in LINE versions 4.6.0 and above, and can no longer be used for gifts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. (Added September 1, 2014)

We would like to also inform you that you will still be able to send free stickers as gifts to your friends as well as purchase stickers for yourself. Also, iPhone users will still be able to receive sticker gifts from Android users as usual.

We do apologize for any disappointment and ask for your kind understanding.

Great news! LINE’s new original game, “LINE Ninja Strikers”, has been released!

LINE’s first Japanese-style game, LINE Ninja Strikers, is a game where the protagonist ninja mouse has to make its way forward while rescuing fellow ninjas and defeating approaching enemies!


■How to play
Move the protagonist left and right using your finger to avoid obstacles and make its way forward.
Rescue captured ninjas along the road to make them part of the clan, and have them help you fight enemies!

Protagonist characters

There are a total of 12 fellow ninjas that you can add to your clan! There’s Fire, who’s good at forward attacks, and Poisoner, who can attack enemies with poison bombs, and more! They may be small, but they can be a great help!
You can add them to your clan by rescuing them along the way, or even summon them to form your very own ninja team before starting the game!
Add up to 5 ninjas to your clan as your protagonist’s level increases, and pick up a maximum of 5 more ninjas by rescuing them along the way!
True, having 10 colorful ninjas trailing after you isn’t exactly covert… but just wait till you see how helpful they can be! Work with them to defeat any enemy that comes your way!

■Combine your ninjas and make them even stronger!
You need more than just numbers to defeat the stronger enemies and bosses waiting in the depths of their dens.
Combine your ninjas and increase their power! Simply select a ninja you like and combine it with another ninja to increase its level and boost attack power.
ceb368b1.png e99bc58e.png

■Ninjas are still the best at ninja tactics!
When you’re in a pinch, use ninja tactics to get out of it!
[Clone] The protagonist will clone itself for a certain period of time, doubling the strength of its attacks.
[Revive] Revive all ninjas and start over from where you were wiped out.
[Summon the Giant Frog] Yes! The Giant Frog is available whenever you want it. It can cause great damage to your enemies!

■Login through LINE to send Sushi!
Did you know that Sasuke, the protagonist, loves a piece of good Sushi?
Send and receive pieces of Sushi with your LINE friends, and compare scores by logging in through LINE!
LINE Ninja Strikers

■Special release event
We will be conducting a special release event till midnight (JST) on May 7 (Tue)! 
Promotion 1:
Receive 1000 Gold upon the first login of each day! Save up lots of Gold to get more ninjas for your clan!
Promotion 2:
Invite your LINE friends, and receive Gold, Scrolls, and Cheese!
Details available inside the game. Check it out now!
With its simple controls, intuitive rules, and moderate speed, LINE Ninja Strikers is the perfect action game, even for beginners! Available only on LINE! Try it today!