LINE has changed the process of how you transfer a LINE account to a new device so now the process can be done more safely. The new transfer process begins with LINE version 9.2.0 — and while the old transfer process will continue to work with previous versions of LINE for now, soon the new version will be standard for all, so you need to be aware of the change.


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Ever get surprised by new friend notifications, suspicious offers, or unwanted messages from accounts you don't know? If so, they're probably from spam accounts.


Spam accounts use a variety of methods to try and get your attention. For example, they may pretend to be attractive person or use the LINE logo to appear like official accounts. 

These accounts often want you to click on a link to make you buy a product or sign up for a paid website. Make sure you never click any links sent by spam accounts!
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For the latest version of LINE, we’ve revamped the profile screen!

The background image layout has changed from landscape to portrait orientation, which is better suited to smartphone displays. And you can still see the same important profile information like your name and status message.

How to set up the profile screen:
You can choose a cover and profile image that go together to make a unique profile screen.


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Here’s a new feature that we think a lot of people are going to find very helpful — it’s called “Reply” and it allows you to quote messages and answer them directly during a chat.


Sometimes when you’re chatting, it’s easy to lose track of what message exactly someone is responding to. Like when you’re trying to answer a friend’s question, but just as you send your answer, your friend asks a second question.  

With Reply, you can quote the exact message you’re responding to, so your meaning is always clear.

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We are pleased to announce that June 23 is the seventh anniversary of the launch of LINE.

LINE 7th anniv. graphic_KR

In order to show our thanks to our loyal users, we have prepared a special present for everyone.


- 120 free LINE animated stickers added!


As part of our anniversary celebrations, users will gain access to three new sets of animated stickers — for 120 stickers altogether — all at no cost.

These stickers feature Cony, Sally, Brown and other favorite LINE characters, joined by the superstar characters BT21 in a set of 40 animated stickers of their own.

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We're happy to announce the release of Face Play, a fun interactive feature for LINE video calls!


Just like the name says, Face Play is a new type of game you play with your face. Compete with your friends using AR (Augmented Reality), mixing your video chats with a series of fun challenges. All it takes is a single tap during a video call to get things started – and best of all it’s free.


To start things off, we’re launching Face Play with two exciting games, Monster Pop and BT21 Says. 



Monster Pop features pulse-pounding thrills, as you fight off a monster invasion by shooting laser beams from your eyes – just like a superhero.


In BT21 Says, you get to play along with the UNIVERSTAR BT21 crew. Compete with your friend to see who can best match the faces of UNIVERSTAR BT21 as they scroll across your screen. Collect them all and surround yourself with the cutest characters this side of the galaxy!

How to use Face Play


To start a Face Play game, open the "+" menu while in a video chat and select Face Play or tap the Face Play icon.


You can even take screenshots while playing a game and, of course, share any funny faces you and your friends come up with.


Face Play is supported on iPhone 6 and above or devices with Android 4.4 or higher.


We'll be releasing more Face Play games soon, so stay tuned!

Update to the latest version of LINE now!

The latest update for LINE (version 8.3.0) is out now! This update adds many frequently used features to the Friends tab, making LINE much easier to use.

Here's a look at what's changed in the all-new Friends tab.

Change your profile, account info, and other LINE settings

You can now access your LINE settings from the top of the new Friends tab.

<Left: iOS / Right: Android>

friends tab_EN_1  friendsTab_EN_set

Note that you can update your profile via your LINE settings as well as the pop-up window that appears when tapping your profile icon on the Friends tab.


Quickly add new friends

Use the add friend icon at the top of the new Friends tab to quickly and easily add new friends on LINE.

After pressing the icon, you can add your new friend by QR code, using the "Shake it!" feature, or searching for their LINE ID.

<Left: iOS / Right: Android>

friends tab_EN_2  friendsTab_EN_friend

New shortcut for creating groups (iOS only)

You can still create groups via the add friend icon like before, but this update also adds a new shortcut at the top of the Groups list that takes you directly to the "Create group" screen.


Easily view recently used and recommended services

A list of recently used and recommended services will now be displayed right below your profile. Now you'll have easier access to the services you use most often, as well as the ability to discover new and useful services to make your time on LINE better yet.

friends tab_EN_3

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!


Update to the latest version of LINE now

The latest update for LINE (version 8.2.0) is out now!

This update adds the ability to seven new slideshow themes designed to make sharing your memories with friends even more fun!

Check out these seven new slideshow themes

Seven types of Memories, Remembrance, Moments, Cheerful, VCR, Mellow, Mood were added to the theme of the slideshow!


This feature enables you to select three or more photos from a chat's photo selection screen to create a slideshow for easily sharing memories with your friends. The 12 available themes provide a variety of effects and filters to help you personalize your slideshows more than ever before.


What's more, this update also allows you to choose a title for your slideshow and even adjust the relative size of each photo.


Other updates

- The option bar that lets you edit photos, create GIFs, and make slideshows is now shown at the bottom of the photo selection screen.

- You can now switch between the rear and front-facing cameras by swiping up and down in the in-chat camera. (iOS only)

- Added four new day and date stickers to the photo editing screen. (iOS only)

01_sticker_half view2

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!


Updateto the latest version of LINE now

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