LINE offers you a fun and convenient way to share your life with your friends, family and others. But sometimes, you don’t want your every thought or image to linger online forever. So, for those of you who’d like to take control of your memories and share something just for a short while, we present “Story.”

Using Story, you can share a moment in your daily life as a video, photo or text, just like a normal post on Timeline. However, a Story disappears 24 hours after you post it, allowing you to share more candidly than with a regular post. 


How to post to a Story

1. Open LINE’s Timeline, and tap the camera icon on the top left. 

2. Choose from video, photo, or text to post to Story, or use the camera to record or capture.  


3. You can even draw or add stamps to the video or photo you selected or captured. 


4. Select who can view your Story, then press the send button.  


After you post a Story, you can tap […] on the top right in order to delete or save the Story you just created. 

How to check Story
Story can be accessed on the Timeline screen or the Home screen. When your friends have a new Story, you’ll see an indicator around their profile images.

You can “Like” your friend’s Story, or initiate a LINE chat by sending a message to the Story.
Please note that your “Likes” are only visible to the owner of the Story. 

Posting profile updates to Story

Story posts can be created like a regular Timeline power, and you can also update your profile image and profile background image using Story. 

Of course, you can also choose not to post your profile updates on Story. Simply uncheck “Share to Story” when updating your profile. 

Going forward, expect the Story feature to continue to evolve, adding even more features. You’ll be able to see who viewed your Story, use hand-drawn fonts, and use LINE stamps on a Story. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of fun features to love, so stay tuned for more details. 

As usual, don’t forget to update LINE app so you can enjoy the full range of new features and services.

Introducing a fun and very useful new function for the LINE messenger: “Chat Capture” (only for iOS). Using Chat Capture, you can easily take adjustable screenshots of any part of your chats, save them and share them. 


This new feature has a lot of uses for your chats. Like when you need to discuss something sensitive and you don’t want to reveal who you were talking to. Or when you get a really nice message from a friend and you want to save the memory. There is no end of ways you can use Chat Capture to make your life easier. 

* Chat Capture requires LINE 9.4.0 or later for iOS. 
* This function was originally introduced in "LINE Labs," where you can try out new functions prior to their official release. 

What is the Chat Capture function?
Chat Capture lets you save screenshots of your chats, but also a whole lot more. For instance, you can also cut out and save specific parts of the screen.

replacement 1

You can also hide people’s profile photos and display names to protect their anonymity. And there’s a new “Graffiti” function that lets you draw right on the captured image. 


Chat captures can also span several screens and can be easily shared with other chats or saved to your device. 


How to use Chat Capture
1. Tap and hold the message you want to save and select "Capture" from the menu that appears.


2. Adjust the chat area you want to capture.


3. If you want to hide your friend’s display name or icon, just tap the "Hide info" button at the bottom of the screen.



4. When you’re ready, take the screenshot by pressing the green "Capture" button. 
*If you want to save the Capture as it is, tap the bottom right "↓" button.
*if you want to share the Capture with other chats, tap bottom left "↑" button.

additional capture

If you want to doodle on the cropped image, tap the rainbow pencil mark.

replacement 2

In short, Chat Capture is a great way to enrich your conversations and make your chats even more fun. Give it a try today! 

LINE has changed the process of how you transfer a LINE account to a new device so now the process can be done more safely. The new transfer process begins with LINE version 9.2.0 — and while the old transfer process will continue to work with previous versions of LINE for now, soon the new version will be standard for all, so you need to be aware of the change.


What’s new 
  • Password registration is now mandatory for new registrations.
  • When you enter the necessary information onto your device, we will give you a message to let you know you can transfer your account.

A step-by-step walkthrough
As with the previous transfer process for smartphones, you need to get ready by taking a few steps ahead of time. 

1. Set your account information
Confirm your account’s phone number, email address, and password. (If you have not set them yet, you need to do this first).



2. Turn on "Allow account transfer" button
For "Change phone number", please turn on "Allow account transfer" on your old smartphone. After turning this setting on, you need to make the transfer to a new smartphone within 36 hours. (*If you exceed this time limit, you will need to turn on the "Allow account transfer" button on the old smartphone a second time.)

About the new transfer process
There are three possible options the new transfer process can follow:
1. If your phone number changes
2. If your phone number does not change
3. If you did not set a password

*In order to confirm that you are the proper owner of an account, you need to ensure all the necessary data is entered before the transfer. 

In addition, with the new transfer process for LINE accounts, you cannot carry over your chat history. Instead, you will need to backup your chat history separately.

(Note: Transferring your chat history is possible only when your new device uses the same OS as your old device).

For additional help
Please visit LINE Help Page for answers to most problems with transferring accounts.


Ever get surprised by new friend notifications, suspicious offers, or unwanted messages from accounts you don't know? If so, they're probably from spam accounts.


Spam accounts use a variety of methods to try and get your attention. For example, they may pretend to be attractive person or use the LINE logo to appear like official accounts. 

These accounts often want you to click on a link to make you buy a product or sign up for a paid website. Make sure you never click any links sent by spam accounts!

Is this really a LINE official account? How to spot spam accounts

Sometimes spammers pretend to be legitimate LINE official accounts. While it may be difficult at first glance to know if a spam account is fake, a real LINE official account will always have a green badge next to its name.

If you come across a spam account, report it!

Dealing with spam accounts is simple: If you get a message from one, just tap Report and then Block to say goodbye to the spam account.

▶ What if you friend a spam account by mistake? 
 Spam accounts usually want you to click on a link to make you buy a product or sign up for a paid website. There's no harm if you happen to friend one by mistake. Just go ahead and report and block the spam account as usual.

Open the "V" menu in a chat, go to Settings, then tap Report. After reporting the account, you can block it as well.

What happens when you tap the Report button?

When you tap Report, LINE receives the last 10 messages the account sent to you as well as that account's info. We then review that received data to determine if the account really is a spam account and take appropriate action.

By not just blocking spam accounts, but reporting them too, you help us find spam account operators and keep them from spamming other users.

How do spam accounts reach you?

You may be wondering how strangers are able to friend you in the first place. Spam accounts have a few methods of getting in touch with you.

1. By randomly entering and trying phone numbers
2. By randomly entering and searching IDs
3. Your account may have been inadvertently shared by a friend or fellow group member

While it may feel like that spam accounts are specifically targeting you and know your personal info, in fact spammers typically target large groups of users indiscriminately and are just attempting to appeal to as many users as possible.

How to stay safe

If you ever get a spam message, make sure to report and block the spam account. You can also take extra measures to avoid spam messages if you believe it is necessary.

1. Keep users from automatically friending your account via your phone number
Settings > Friends > Disable the "Allow others to add me" setting

2. Keep users from friending your account via ID searches
Settings > Privacy > Disable the "Allow others to add me by ID" setting

3. Automatically reject messages not sent by your friends
Settings > Privacy > Enable the "Filter messages" setting

Feel free to use these settings to keep spam messages away.


At LINE, we're working hard every day to make sure your LINE experience is the safest and most secure possible. Stay safe out there!

Got an unexpected email from ‘LINE’? Even if it seems legit.

Don't trust that email without making sure it's for real! It could actually be a phishing scam.

How phishing scams work

“Phishing” refers to a scam where someone pretends to be a company or organization through emails, text messages, or search results that look like the real thing. Using those fake message, phishing scammers get you to visit websites that also look official, but in reality are just imitations, which they can then use to steal your personal information, credit card numbers, and more. 

Phishing scammers use a variety of tactics to make you believe they are an actual company or organization. For example, they will use real designs or slogans. They may also try to confuse you by creating a fake emergency or security notice. Because of tactics like those, it's sometimes difficult to see through phishing scams at first glance.

Always be wary of suspicious emails!

In most cases, LINE will make major announcements or share important information via its official website. If you suddenly get an unfamiliar email, don't open any links without first checking LINE’s official website ( for more information.

If you do happen to open any links, make sure you do not enter your email address or password, to avoid having your information stolen. Close the suspicious website without entering any information. 

You may also be asked to enter information besides your email address or password, like your phone number or a verification code. If you enter all the information asked for, you could risk losing your LINE account and fall victim to a scheme designed to steal your money. 

In addition, if you use the same email address and password combination for LINE with other services, your accounts with those services could also be at risk when you lose your LINE account. 

If you do happen to enter your email address or password on a suspicious website, we recommend contacting LINE via our Inquiry Form just in case.

Help us fight phishing scams!

Since phishing scammers operate subtly through emails, text messages, fraudulent search results, and fake websites, you won't know your information has been stolen until the damage is done.

If you receive a suspicious email from someone pretending to be LINE, please forward it to the following email address as-is.

Phishing scam reporting email
(Note: This email address is only for receiving emails and cannot make replies.)

At LINE, we're working hard every day to make sure your LINE experience is the safest and most secure possible.

Stay safe out there!

We're excited to introduce a new feature you can use with LINE video calls, the camera, and Chat Live: Character Effects.


The Character Effects feature lets you transform into a character of your choice, in real time while making video calls and live streams, complete with facial expressions that match the movements of your real face.


What's more, the background even changes based on the time of day.


Bob or move your head while using Character Effects and discover new ways to express yourself.

For now, you can try Character Effects with either Cony or the newcomer character Manju Cat. But we plan on adding many more characters soon, so please stay tuned. 

Getting started with Character Effects

Video chat
Call a friend using video call and tap the face effects button (face icon).

Chat Live
Tap the phone icon at the top of the chat screen followed by Live, then tap the face effects button.

Tap the camera icon at the bottom of the chat screen, followed by the face effects button.

That’s all there is to it. With just a couple of taps, you can use Character Effects to change yourself into a fun cartoon character and enjoy a whole new way of communicating with your friends. 

▶Update available here:

For the latest version of LINE, we’ve revamped the profile screen!

The background image layout has changed from landscape to portrait orientation, which is better suited to smartphone displays. And you can still see the same important profile information like your name and status message.

How to set up the profile screen:
You can choose a cover and profile image that go together to make a unique profile screen.


When setting the cover photo: 
- The displayed image area may vary based on your device. As a guide, we recommend using images that are 720x1280 pixels in size. 
- Your profile image will be displayed roughly in the middle of the cover photo. 
- To improve the readability of text overlaid on the cover photo, the image is automatically darkened slightly. 

1. Tap the round profile image displayed on the Friends tab.


2. Tap “Edit profile” (the cog icon).


3. To change your cover photo, select “Choose a cover photo,” and to choose a profile picture choose “Edit profile.”


Have fun and express yourself with your cover and profile images.

▶Update to the latest version:

Here’s a new feature that we think a lot of people are going to find very helpful — it’s called “Reply” and it allows you to quote messages and answer them directly during a chat.


Sometimes when you’re chatting, it’s easy to lose track of what message exactly someone is responding to. Like when you’re trying to answer a friend’s question, but just as you send your answer, your friend asks a second question.  

With Reply, you can quote the exact message you’re responding to, so your meaning is always clear.

Easy to use
It’s a snap using Reply. Just tap and hold the message you want to reply to. When the option menu pops up, select Reply, then you can write and send your message. 

You can use Reply with many types of messages, including texts, photos, videos, stickers and emoji.


The message does not need to be from another person, either. You can reply to your own messages.

Just make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the LINE chat app (at least iOS ver. 8.7.0, Android ver. 8.10.0, or desktop ver. 5.8.0), and you’ll be good to go!

We are pleased to announce that June 23 is the seventh anniversary of the launch of LINE.

LINE 7th anniv. graphic_KR

In order to show our thanks to our loyal users, we have prepared a special present for everyone.


- 120 free LINE animated stickers added!


As part of our anniversary celebrations, users will gain access to three new sets of animated stickers — for 120 stickers altogether — all at no cost.

These stickers feature Cony, Sally, Brown and other favorite LINE characters, joined by the superstar characters BT21 in a set of 40 animated stickers of their own.


Of course, those new stickers are in addition to the hundreds of free stickers that LINE users already have access to.


To add those new anniversary sticker sets to your account, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of LINE.
Update available here:

Thank again to everyone for being a part of LINE over the past seven years. We hope you will all continue to enjoy using our services for many years to come. 

We're happy to announce the release of Face Play, a fun interactive feature for LINE video calls!


Just like the name says, Face Play is a new type of game you play with your face. Compete with your friends using AR (Augmented Reality), mixing your video chats with a series of fun challenges. All it takes is a single tap during a video call to get things started – and best of all it’s free.


To start things off, we’re launching Face Play with two exciting games, Monster Pop and BT21 Says. 



Monster Pop features pulse-pounding thrills, as you fight off a monster invasion by shooting laser beams from your eyes – just like a superhero.


In BT21 Says, you get to play along with the UNIVERSTAR BT21 crew. Compete with your friend to see who can best match the faces of UNIVERSTAR BT21 as they scroll across your screen. Collect them all and surround yourself with the cutest characters this side of the galaxy!

How to use Face Play


To start a Face Play game, open the "+" menu while in a video chat and select Face Play or tap the Face Play icon.


You can even take screenshots while playing a game and, of course, share any funny faces you and your friends come up with.


Face Play is supported on iPhone 6 and above or devices with Android 4.4 or higher.


We'll be releasing more Face Play games soon, so stay tuned!

Update to the latest version of LINE now!