With the release of the latest version of LINE, ver. 4.6.0, you can now find stickers just by entering text with the new Suggest feature. We’ve also added a few updates to make the LINE experience even more convenient, including an option to create a shortcut for LINE Premium Call, and more.

This update will first be available only on Android devices. Please wait a while if you are using iOS.
*The latest version of LINE, ver.4.6.0 has been released for iOS too. 
For the latest LINE update, go to: http://line.me/update

Suggest Feature for Stickers and Emoji
The new version of LINE has been equipped with a Suggest feature that allows you to find stickers and emoji just by entering text. For example, by typing the word “sleepy,” you’ll be shown stickers of characters doing things like yawning or taking a nap.
Please Note: Currently, only the free stickers and Emoji that have been available on LINE since its beginning, along with a certain portion of paid stickers, are compatible with the Suggest feature. More stickers and Emoji will be made compatible in the future.

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LINE Toss, the image and video manager app, has been released. The app lets you view the photos and videos you have saved in your smartphone by chronological order or location information, and lets you easily share all these photos and videos with LINE friends too.
The app is currently only available on Android devices, but an iOS version for iPhone users is planned for release in the future.

LINE Toss: http://toss.line.me/

We recommend the app for the following cases:
-For when you want to easily share all the many photos you took when traveling with friends.
-When you want to make an album of photo memories from a family outing.
-When you want to share photos of your favorite restaurants and the food served all at once.
-When you want to find a specific photo out of a huge archive.

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Approximately three months have already passed since creators’ stickers first went on sale on April 8. All of us at LINE would like to express our deepest appreciation for both the creators who have entertained LINE users throughout the world with their diverse creations and the users who used these amazing creators’ stickers to liven up their LINE chats. In this blog post today we’d like to provide our first release of Creators Market data to mark three months since its launch. 

Approximately 150,000 Creators from 124 Countries
As of right now, there are a total of 149,000 creators from 124 different countries who have registered stickers or submitted stickers for review. The total number of registered stickers has reached around 30,000 as well.

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Thank you very much for your continued use of LINE.

As part of LINE’s security reinforcements, we’ve introduced notifications on your smartphone that show up as LINE chat messages when you log into the PC version of LINE or the LINE Store. This feature allows you to quickly see when someone you don’t know is trying to use your LINE account to log in on a PC, etc.

When do you receive notifications?
・When someone is confirmed to have logged in or failed to log in using the PC version of LINE.
・When someone is confirmed to have logged in or failed to log in through the LINE Store.

When either of the above cases has occurred, you will receive a chat message that looks like the following from an account named “LINE” on your smartphone. As this “LINE” account is a special account operated by LINE in other to strengthen the app’s security, you will receive the notification automatically even if you are not friends with the account as soon as either of the above cases is confirmed. 

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B612, the camera app made especially for Selfies, was launched today. This extremely simple camera app aims to strip away any unnecessary features and focuses solely on making selfies look more beautiful and fabulous. The app will first be released on iOS. Please wait a little while for the release of the Android version.

Recommended for the following types of people:
- Those who want to take cool or gorgeous pictures of themselves.
- Those who want to take photos of themselves for their social network profiles.
- Those who want to take good looking photos with their friends.
- Those who want to take pics for their blogs.
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Un temblor de 6.4 grados se registró este martes 29 de julio en las proximidades de Isla, Veracruz, y Loma bonita, Oaxaca.
Sabemos que hasta el momento no se han reportado daños, pero queremos que te sientas con la libertad de confirmar que los tuyos están bien, sin preocuparte por el precio de la llamada. Por ello, las llamadas con LINE Premium Call a teléfonos fijos y celulares de México serán gratis hasta el 3 de agosto.

Las llamadas entre los usuarios de LINE siguen siendo gratis como siempre.
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02A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the southern region of Mexico in North America on July 29 local time.

In order to enable LINE users to check on the safety of their relatives and loved ones in Mexico and aid in disaster relief efforts, we are making all calls made to landlines and mobile phones in Mexico through our service LINE Premium Call free of charge till August 3. Users in countries where the service is offered will not have to worry about telephone fees or charges.
Calls between LINE users will remain free of charge.

The details of free calls through LINE Premium Call are written below. 

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