We are excited to introduce you to a new feature called “LINE Meeting.” 


LINE Meeting is an important step forward for group video calls, enabling you to access them through a URL, both via smartphone and desktop, in groups of up to 500 people. You can create meetings from a LINE chat room and then invite attendees to join, whether through a chat room or by sending them a URL. 

How to use LINE Meeting 

1) First, tap the camcorder icon in the upper right of a LINE chat room. Then tap “Create meeting” to start a meeting room. 

2) LINE offers an array of practical and unique backgrounds, filters and face effects for LINE Group Call, so feel free to fine tune your look before join a meeting.

EN_05_Meeting list  EN_07_Preview  EN_08_Preview POPUP

3) You may invite more people to join by tapping the first icon in the bottom left. 

EN_09_Meeting Call

4) While you are using LINE Meeting call, do not hesitate to convert the meeting screen to Picture-In-Picture (PIP). This allows you to keep the meeting on in a floating window while you keep an eye on your LINE chat rooms. 

EN_12_PIP_1  EN_12_PIP_2

Protecting your chats with “kick out”

LINE is dedicated to providing a safe user experience throughout our ecosystem of products and services, and LINE Meeting is no exception. To protect you, LINE Meeting URLs are complex and 32 characters long, ensuring that the only people who can join your conversations are those who know the URL and are supposed to be there. In addition, if an uninvited guest does manage to join, there is a feature called “kick out,” which enables you to get rid of them — just tap “Remove” to easily protect your chat. 

EN_11_Settings_kick out_iOS

Like many other LINE features, LINE Meeting is free! And it’s the ideal choice for both personal and business purposes. 

LINE Meeting is available for LINE, on smartphone versions 10.13.0 or later and LINE desktop versions 6.2.0 or later. So update your LINE to enjoy the new feature! 

One of the most popular features for the LINE chat is our seasonal background animations, appearing several times a year to usher in people’s favorite seasons — and regularly becoming the talk of social media in the process.

And, now, you can create your own animations for your chats, with Effect Stickers. Recently released, Effect Stickers let you put all kinds of animated content into your chat backgrounds, making your chats livelier and more fun.

<Sticker preview>
sticker effect new

<Sticker sent in chatroom>
Sticker effect preview

You may also watch GIF video here.

※Note on effect stickers (as of July 16, 2020)
- Effect stickers require LINE app version 10.11.0 or above on iOS or Android.
- Effect stickers appear as pop-up stickers on the desktop version of LINE or on iOS/Android versions of LINE older than 10.11.0.
- Effect stickers appear as static stickers or pop-up stickers when used outside of chats.
- Animations play in the foreground in previews, but will play in the background when sent in chats.


Why don’t you send one and see your backgrounds come alive? These animations are vibrant, but without getting in the way, so your message always shines through. They’re a great way to help you express yourself better than ever.  

Check out our first wave of Effect Stickers here!

01 Key visual_en

LINE Timeline is getting an exciting new feature called “Explore.”

With Explore, you not only can see your friends’ Timeline posts, but also other related content that you may like. And it also makes it easier to keep track of the content you like on Timeline with a new “Follow” feature.

Explore’s curated content is customized for each user based on your viewing history, letting you see publicly posted materials that fit your style and interests. That means the more you view, the more accurate the curation can be. 

How to use Explore
First, tap the planet icon in the upper right of Timeline, or you can also scroll down Timeline until you see the Explore section. 

Because the contents Explore shows you are based on what you’ve already indicated you like, there’s a good chance you’ll find it quite addicting. Plus, you can check out as much content as you like. Just scroll away!
05 follow_en

Another feature for you – Follow
In addition to Explore, we are also rolling out another new feature, Follow. Follow also works on Timeline and it lets you follow the accounts you discover using Explore without necessarily adding them as your friends on LINE. It’s a great way to subscribe to the content you most like. 

Tips to increase your follower numbers
1. Upload the content you want public on Timeline.
2. Change the setting to “ON” for the follow function. 
(Go to Setting > Timeline > Public post setting > Allow follow)
3. Manage your followers by displaying the number of followers/following.

FB login abolishment

In order to ensure your safety and the security of the LINE platform, LINE is changing how new accounts are created. Starting in the first week of April, users will no longer be able to create new LINE accounts using Facebook account. 

With this coming change, LINE would like to emphasize the importance of properly registering your personal information for your account. This is particularly important for account migration, like when moving to a new phone. Because you can no longer sign up using Facebook, you’ll need to use your personal data when migrating devices, so it is essential that you fully enter this information.

If you use LINE from an Android device
1. Install the LINE app and open the app on your new device.
2. Choose your preferred log-in method 
3. Always keep your personal information updated  

Android_Intro_Welcome_EN Android_Intro_Login_EN Setting_Account_EN_Android

If you use LINE from an iOS device
1. Install the LINE app and open the app on your new device.
2. Choose your preferred log-in method 
3. Always keep your personal information updated 

iOS_Intro_Welcome_EN iOS_Intro_Login_EN Setting_Account_EN

Apple ID login now available for iOS users! 
You might have noticed from above images, LINE now supports Apple ID. If you use LINE messenger from an iOS device, you may able to log in to LINE using your Apple ID. 

Important Note! If you currently log in with a new phone number or using your Facebook ID, you will need your old device to receive a verification code. So, don’t throw away your old phone before you get the verification code! 

If you have any questions about what’s needed, please check out the LINE Help page: https://help.line.me/

Thank you for your continued support of LINE.

As part of LINE's mission to help out in your daily life, we've worked hard to expand our services.

Along with these  expanded services, we've conducted educational outreach and updated our features to help protect our younger users. To continue making sure our younger users have a safe LINE experience, we've increased the recommended age rating of LINE to 12+ to help parents and guardians manage when and how their family members use LINE.

The age rating for the iOS (iPhone) version of LINE will be raised to 12+ in December 2019*1.

With the increased age rating, you can now restrict LINE usage on your children's devices by setting them to only allow apps with a 4+ or 9+ age rating.

This change has no impact to the Android version of LINE or LINE Desktop.


Changing age ratings of allowed apps (iOS)

Once the recommended age rating is increased to 12+, the LINE app icon will be hidden and won't open on any devices set to only allow apps with a 4+ or 9+ age rating.*2

If the restriction settings on your child's device are passcode-protected, you'll need your Screen Time or Restrictions passcode to make any changes. If your child or family member requests a change, please enter this code yourself each time.

• iOS 12 and later devices
To allow access to LINE, change the age restrictions by going to Settings > Screen Time > "Content & Privacy Restrictions" > Content Restrictions > (Enter Screen Time Passcode) > Apps. Select 12+, 17+, or "Allow All Apps."

• iOS 11 or older devices
To allow access to LINE, change the age restrictions by going to Settings > General > Restrictions > (Enter Restrictions Passcode) > Apps. Make sure 12+ is checked.

Feel free to use the form below to contact us with any questions about this change.

LINE is dedicated to providing a safe LINE experience for younger users and will continue to work hard on more features and outreach going forward.

LINE CSR activities: https://linecorp.com/en/csr/

*1 The scheduled date may change. We'll send out a separate announcement once the age rating has been updated.

*2 If your apps are set to automatically update, the LINE app icon will disappear from your device's home screen once LINE increases its recommended age rating (scheduled for December 2019). To keep using LINE, make sure to change which age ratings are allowed on your device before LINE's recommended age rating is increased.

Being able to migrate accounts is a vital capability for most users, so they can preserve their data and continue to use their account smoothly after changing devices. 

However, since November 5, account migration will no longer be supported for LINE app versions 9.1.0 or lower. Therefore, if you are using LINE version 9.1.0 or lower, please update to the latest version immediately.

Go to https://line.me/update to update your LINE. 

(Note: For information on how to perform an account migration for a LINE version higher than 9.2.0, please refer to https://guide.line.me/en/migration/).

How to check your LINE version

Blog 1

Blog 2
Blog 3

The gear icon on the home tab > About LINE > Current version 

How to update to the latest version
Either click the link https://line.me/update or scan the QR code below to update your version of LINE.  

 QR code

The following OS versions do not support LINE version 9.1.0 or lower. Users with these OS versions will not be able to create an account with LINE or perform an account transfer. 
・iOS 10 or lower 
・Android 4.4 or lower 

If you delete a LINE account or uninstall LINE app on a mobile device with these OS versions installed, you will not be able to use LINE again. Please note that you will not be able to retrieve LINE once you delete a LINE account or uninstall the LINE app from devices with those OS versions.  

How to check your OS version

1) iOS

Settings > General > About > Software version

2) Android 

Settings> Device information> Software version

When you replace your old device with a new one, as long as the new device has an OS version (iOS 10 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher) that supports the latest LINE version, you will be able to perform an account transfer and keep your data intact. 

※ In order to transfer a LINE account from an old device, set up your device to enable it. Find out how here: https://guide.line.me/en/migration/

Wish you could find the info you need and change the settings more easily? Good news! We are happy to inform you that the chat menu in the latest version of the LINE app is getting an upgrade.

EN blog main image

The menu icon in the top-right corner of chat has been redesigned — before it had been a “V” icon, but with the latest update, it is now a “hamburger” menu (三, three horizontal lines).

Now you can access the feature settings, such as invite, note, album, and search, all in one place. It’s easier than ever to find the photos, video links and files that you shared in chat.

chat-menu-icon-change Read more

Keep, LINE's free cloud storage, has gotten some new features and it's much easier to use.  

The new Keep features are available as of Android 9.10.0 and iOS 9.12.0.

Keep is a great tool for saving your important content, such as text, images and links, that were shared in a chat. You can access them anytime.

03_blog_Service PR_EN

In this Android version update, we have introduced new features, Collection and Favorite. Collection organizes your content and displays them beautifully. You can also Favorite your content to store it quickly. Read more

LINE Labs periodically offers a range of beta features, allowing you to try out some of our latest ideas before they become an official part of the LINE app (but only for iOS).

Here’s the newest addition from LINE Labs, a type of picture-in-picture feature called Mini Browser.


Simply swipe down the opened web browser to make it shrink so that you can see the web browser and your chat at the same time.

Now, there’s no need to click a link and close the web browser and go back and forth. You can keep the web browser open and chat at the same time, on the same screen.

Note: To enable this feature, make sure LINE Labs is turned on. Here's how to do so.

Read more