Now you can tag LINE stickers with a single phrase thanks to the newly released app LINE Stickers.

So Much Fun!
  • Wow everyone with your original witty tags.
  • Brush up on your tagging sensibilities and become the king of tagging.
  • Look at tags made by other users to see your favorite stickers in a whole new light.
  • Get exposed to a whole new world of stickers.
  • Learn about how creators’ stickers you’ve made are being used.
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Thank you for all the support you have provided LINE Creators Market in 2014.
Since submission of creators’ stickers opened this April, we have seen works from countless creators around the world. The service has since grown in scale to carry over 36,000 sets of creators’ stickers.
However, we realize that we have caused many inconveniences to our users due to slow review speeds and difficulty finding stickers as the service has grown rapidly. In the coming year, we have a few changes planned to resolve these issues to make it easier for creators to sell their works and LINE users to buy them.

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The newest version of LINE (version 4.9.0)was released today along with a message search feature that allows you to search through chats for specific messages. This feature is currently only available on the iPhone version of LINE.
*Android version was released too. (January 6th, 2015)

Other improvements include support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, as well as landscape mode support and other features designed to make LINE easier to use than ever.
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Christmas is just a week away! With all those Christmas lights sparkling, don’t you just feel that festive mood get stronger every day? 

LINE stickers and LINE family apps are also offering a variety of special services perfect for the holiday season!

LINE camera

Lots of stamps and frames that are guaranteed to give your Xmas photos that extra festive feel are now available on LINE camera!

There is a huge variety of different stamps to use, including everything from stamps perfect for adding a romantic feel to Christmas versions of your favorite LINE characters, so you know you’ll find just what you’re looking for this holiday season. Create your own original Christmas card and share it with all your friends before it’s too late!

Popular Stamps (some paid stamps also depicted)
・LINE Character Christmas…Go to the Stamp Shop here.
・Lightning Christmas…Go to the Frame Shop here.
Availability: Global
LINE Characters on ChristmasLightning Christmas
*You can view the stamps and frames after downloading the LINE camera app.

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The latest version of LINE, 4.8.0, has been released today. In this update, we answered the calls of many users to include a “Typing” status display so they can see when their friends are typing. In addition, LINE’s new payment service, LINE Pay, goes live with this release, and new features such as error messages when the device is low on storage further also add to the convenience of the LINE service.

See when Your Friends are Typing
Don’t you wish you could see when your friend is typing so you know whether to wait or send another message? This new update solves that problem for good! 

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LINE Friends Stores, retail shops featuring official LINE character merchandise, have appeared in 13 major urban centers and countries around the world, including Beijing, Colombia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. On December 9 (EST), LINE Friends Store made landfall at the “crossroads of the world,” New York Times Square!

Times Square attracts visitors from around the world, and new store staff members are looking forward to seeing the flood of international smiles.


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LINE Trio, a new and exciting puzzle game, has joined the LINE GAME family! Join Detective Brown on an adventure to return the masterpieces stolen from the LINE Gallery by the devious Phantom Thief X. Along with his assistant Romeo, Detective Brown will solve an increasingly difficult series of puzzles to clear the stages while gathering painting fragments along the way!

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Thanks to all of our players, today LINE GAME is celebrating its 2nd birthday! Since launching on November 19, 2012, players around the world have supported our games, and now the platform has reached more than 470 million downloads as of November 15, 2014.

To express our appreciation for all of our players, a total of 22 games will be holding 2nd anniversary celebration events!


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LINE Maps for Indoor has been released, bringing a specialized map app for shopping malls, department stores, and other indoor facilities.

Designate the shops or restaurants you want to go within the facility you're in and the app will show you the quickest route from your location, as well as provide you with shop information that you can share on a variety of social networking services.

The app is available in five languages, including Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Japanese and Korean, ensuring that tourists visiting Japan can also use the app.
LINE Maps for Indoor will be released first on Android.

Recommend for Use When
- You want to find the shortest route to a specific shop in a large and complicated shopping center.
- You want to tell your friends where you are so you can meet with them without any hassle.
- You want to find restrooms in department stores that have nursery rooms or powder rooms.
- You want to recommend friends visiting from other countries shops in their native language.

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